How to Choose the Best Winter Jacket - Gearing Up for the Cold Weather

 how to choose the best winter jacket

Investing in a quality winter coat is a decision that you'll thank yourself for for years to come, especially on those blustery mornings when you just want to stay snuggled inside. Durable winter coats may not be as cozy as your favorite blanket and a cup of cocoa, but a great coat can be a truly prized possession, especially one made to stand up to rigors of cold weather season and the shifting demands of style trends. Finding well made winter jackets for women and/or winter coats for men means researching both function and form, plus learning how to best care for your winter weather garment. Read on for tips on how to select outstanding outerwear that will last you a lifetime.

The "F" Essentials: Function, Features, and Fit

When choosing a winter coat or jacket, you'll want to select something that will keep you warm, includes functional features, and offers a flattering fit. Some of this comes down to preference; are you a zip up gal or a button down guy? Consider what you personally prefer, and then seek a coat or jacket that offers the right combination of bells and whistles. For example, do you need a hood? If so, do you want it to be detachable? Or, are you looking for something with a bit of a sleeker silhouette in order to transition from the office to the snowy parking and on to date night? Make a mental list of must have features, such as roomy pockets or a cozy lining, and then pay attention to the quality of those details. A lot of loose threads around zippers or buckles means that the coat was made poorly, and will likely give out after a season or two. Finally, be sure to keep in mind how you'll want your jacket or coat to fit. Be sure to consider what you typically wear beneath your winter coat, and opt for a style that fits close to your body for a streamlined look that will eliminate chilly drafts.

Material Matters

When it comes to winter weather gear, you should always invest in a garment that offers water and wind resistant fabric that won't degrade quickly over time. Higher quality fabrics tend to cost more up front, but you'll enjoy a much longer life for your coat or jacket. From wool to leather to down to twill, look for natural fabrics that aren't made up of cheap rayon or nylon that will fall apart after a few wears.

Be Prepared for Trench Coat TLC

As a final tip, plan how you will care for your winter coat or jacket by carefully reading the care instructions. Different fabrics will require different cleaning approaches, and some may be more costly than others. If you opt for an easy care "toss and wash" coat, always be sure to avoid the hottest settings on both washer and dryer, and consider this trick: add a couple of tennis balls to the dryer and keep your coat's insulation evenly distributed and nicely lofted for years to come.

With careful attention to quality and personal preference, you can land a classic coat that will look good and keep you warm season after season.


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